IndieClear's Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the script clearance work you do insured?

—Yes. IndieClear is covered by its own Errors & Omissions insurance policy.

Will E&O insurers accept IndieClear's script clearance report?

—Yes. Top production insurance company Truman Van Dyke and leading intellectual property law firm Leopold, Petrich & Smith have confirmed that they will accept the IndieClear Report for the purpose of obtaining a Producers Liability Errors & Omissions insurance policy.

I read a book about script clearance. Can't I do it myself?

—Books, however good, tell you what you need to do, but unfortunately not how to do it. Professional script clearance research takes expertise, learned from years of experience. It involves subscribing to specialized online databases, and knowing how to search them effectively. It involves the establishment of, and adherence to, a set of clearance guidelines. For these reasons and more, an attorney may not approve your self-generated script clearance report. And without attorney approval, an E&O insurer is unlikely to accept it for the issuance of a policy. Also see Why Script Clearance?

Won't the distributor buy a script clearance report when they buy my film?

—Almost always, the distributor will require you to provide the report. It's easier and less costly to clear the shooting script rather than the finished film. Ask yourself if you really want to go to the hassle and expense of rescheduling actors, reshooting, and re-editing whole scenes.

I don't need clearance for public domain songs, right?

—Maybe, maybe not. The songs may not really be public domain, or the recordings you use may be copyrighted. For example, "Happy Birthday" should not be used without permission from the rights owners. Because of the many different types of rights involved, we suggest that every production use a music clearance professional. If you don't know any, we can recommend some.

I have revisions to my script. Do you charge extra to read later drafts?

—No. The fee for a script clearance report includes the reading of all subsequent drafts and revisions. There are additional fees only for researching any new or changed items.

My script's location has changed from Toronto to Los Angeles. Is that OK?

—Yes. If research has been done on the initial location, there will be an additional fee for a change in location, plus per-item fees for any additional research.

How quickly can you do the script clearance report?

—The normal turnaround time is 8 to 10 business days. Quicker turnarounds are possible. Submit your script for a precise turnaround time and no-obligation price quote.

That's not fast enough for me. Can you do it in 3 days?

—It may be possible, depending on the complexity of your project. For rush projects, full payment is required in advance via PayPal.

What is your check acceptance policy?

—In the event that your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds:
We may re-present your check electronically or by paper-draft. A service charge for the maximum amount allowed by state law will be assessed, along with any other allowable state fees. Your check will not be provided to you with your bank statement, but a copy can be retrieved by contacting your financial institution. Signature of your check constitutes acceptance of these terms. Collections are handled by NorthStar Technologies.